Music Change on LR

Just a quick note about the music change for LR. I have been looking to change it for a while, but was kind of forced to as the website/company I had licensed through was bought and put out to pasture. I didn’t feel comfortable using the music anymore just because it’s so difficult to figure out what is legitimate and what isn’t, so I changed it.

Searching for new music was a massive chore, and felt more like traveling through a labyrinth than anything else. The licensing rules are absurdly complex and just figuring out what you are actually buying is hard enough, let alone finding good music.

The music I did find is free to use for anything, so here we are.

Am I super stoked on it? Not really, I think it’s OK though. Maybe I’ll look into other options down the road, but I needed to get something on here for this one so there we are.

Just thought I’d explain as I know it’s a big change!


6 thoughts on “Music Change on LR

  1. I think having listeners create a new song would be great, but there should be more structure to it instead of just an open invitation. Length, content, lyrics or instrumental, etc. Also, if one submission was picked would that feel too much like a competition?

    Scriptnotes has listeners submit versions of their theme but they use them in the outro. Maybe move We Were Promised Jetpacks to the front (still recognizable to LR listeners) and use listener submissions to the end? Or would that overshadow Brian’s sign-off?

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Marsh. I actually really enjoyed Quiet Little Voices 🙂 Hearing it on my Spotify channel brings back lots of fond memories of set reviews and signoffs.

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