Limited Resources 253 – Khans of Tarkir Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall dive deep into every rare and mythic rare in Khans of Tarkir! This set has a slew of ridiculous bombs and we talk about every single one of them! 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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Music by Man Bites Dog and Josh Woodward

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29 thoughts on “Limited Resources 253 – Khans of Tarkir Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

    • My Abzan deck had no bombs in it, so I had to win solely on Outlast. It put in a lot of work for me, eventually getting 4 or 5 power on creatures that only cost 1 or 2 mana to cast.

      My deck was built around removal and blockers, which eventually allowed me to use my Outlast creatures to build up and then outrank my opponents creatures, and save the removal for bombs.

  1. A trick I did with the Meandering Turtle at pre-release. There is a BG sorcery that makes a token with x/x where x is highest toughness among creatures you control (Kin-Tree Invocation?). Also, my friend did Act of Treason my turtle…

    • I did this too… Thinking i had stabilized for certain. Went in for an attack with my 9/9 turtle spirit on an open board… Got Deflecting Palmed to my death (was at 6 life). Talk to the hand.

  2. Another great review:

    Narset completely blew me out at the prerelease. First attack my opponent flipped the bounce 2 creatures spell and the draw 2 spell, so he got both my blockers and gave his prowess creatures +2/+2. Second attack he flipped arrow volley to kill the dragonstyle twins I had replayed.

    I ended up dying holding 3 removal cards I couldn’t hit his best creature with. If you’re all in on prowess and running a lot of spells Narset is just sick.

  3. My best prerelease story is casting my Clever Impersonator as my opponent’s Abzan Banner to unlock my Temur green spells. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever done in limited, but it kept me in that game.

  4. One very important thing to note about the fetches – they are easy options for delve. I played an off-color one in my mardu deck at the prerelease simply to fuel some of my delve spells, since the life hit matters pretty little for Mardu, usually.

    • Would you put a card in the deck that does the following:
      Pay 1 life, put this card in the graveyard and get a land that only produces colorless mana.

      That’s about the same as what you did here considering it’s an off-color fetch. Surely there must have been a better card in your deck than that – you only get 1 card in the grave with that, and later in the game the card really just reads “pay 1 life, put this card in your graveyard”.

      • Im 99 percent sure he meant something like instead of having 7 plains + 5 islands + 5 mountains in deck he played
        7 plains + 5 islands + 4 mountains + 1 R/B fetch land (only fetches mountain because no swamp in deck, is there are mountains left in deck that is).

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      • Great Game played and won a battle with my mighty Centors on the open day. Even picked up a copy of the rules which I’m pleased with. Game has a nice fluidic dynamic which allows play to move fast and be tactical.Great game, just marred by the bloody crap front cover art. You can even see the join and cut marks around the eyes where the artist has been making un-clever short cuts. Only a niggle, but if hadn’t played the game might have skipped after looking at cover.

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