Limited Resources 229 – Born of the Gods Sunset Show

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall take a show to look back at Born of the Gods. The Sunset Show includes the Review Review, a bunch of questions answered, stories, and overall impressions of the set. 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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13 thoughts on “Limited Resources 229 – Born of the Gods Sunset Show

  1. Sorry Marshall, but i’m totally on board with Brian on the Necrobite!

    Nice podcast (tbh i didn’t finish yet listening to it, but i had to react to the “debate” on necrobite 🙂 )

    Also, nice draft video. I loved R2G1, really, really interesting situation!

  2. A side note on hold at bay wich you guys said you weren’t excited to play. I found it pretty good sideboard tech in the heavy heroic mirror matches which seemed to pop up a lot. It insured your Heros survival better because often you ran into multiple combat tricks at once from your Opponent and hold at bay could basically blank two or more easier than most of your other combat tricks.

    • @Matt Just a short response, I think the scenario you’re describing fits more with Hold at Bay being a 24th/5th card that comes in against heroic decks, as opposed to the scenario Marshall and Brian were describing where they just really don’t want to be playing the card, but it makes the deck because it is a heroic trigger that allows you to survive combat. Overall, I do agree with you that this card has won me many a combat against other heroic decks though.

      Great sunset show! And sorry Marshall, but Necrobite blowouts are my favorite kind.

  3. Marshall, any chance of getting a torrent, re-upload to iTunes (etc) feed or archive of all the old shows? I love the show so much I want to listen to the old ones, but currently as far as I know I have to download them individually from here to get them on my music player, which is a bit of a hassle. If there was an archive that could be downloaded all at once I (and others) could just add them all to my library and selectively sync them as I listen to them.

    By the way, I loved the retro crack-a-packs and draft primer from the last couple of weeks – playing the flashback drafts has been a lot more fun than BNG to me, and those podcasts really got me in the mood. If you want a suggestion on what other sets to do a primer on, I’d say original Ravnica. That set was a lot of fun.

    Keep up the great work!

    • I’ll look into that. I did a thing on the Kickstarter that gave backers a thumb drive with all of the episodes on them. For now, just getting them all on this site was a bit of a chore, but I’ll see if I can do some “download all” functionality if that’s possible.



  4. It needs to be stated here that in the winner interview with Frank Skarren at GP Philly, Frank officially supports Necrobite.

    Marshall, you need to get on the Necrobite train. Card does work.

  5. Hi Marshall, I love the show but it’s eating up my bandwidth. Is there a way too download the show so I can conserve my data when I’m on the go?

  6. I’m a long time listener, all the way from back when Ryan was talking about zendikar. I’m always happy to learn more about the various draft formats, so I thought it would be appropriate to share my experience from playing that one mythic: Champion of Stray Souls.

    I opened him in a sealed pool for a league deck, and it’s been an amazing performer, but he’s the kind of card that was a big build around me kind of card. My deck was blue/black and had a graveyard theme to it. It played Rescue from the underworld together with Mnemonic wall, which is an amazing combo. I did self-mill with my Forsaken Drifters and held my ground early on with two vortex elementals and a baleful eidolon(great to bestow on that wall by the way). My win condition were several flying creatures, a servant of tymaret and a gray merchant. Together with some good removal the deck is a house.

    The way it plays is that early on my drifters will trade in combat and fill up my graveyard, and my oracle will scry towards one of three cards(Champion, Mnemonic wall, Rescue). It doesn’t matter if all three get milled, because the champion can jump on top of my deck eventually. From there on I try to get rescue + mnemonic wall going and just use the champion to protect the combo or cycle a merchant or defend against the huge heroic flyers by swapping my sirens.

    The deck is solid. It has removal, and inevitability that is difficult to stop(basically down to last breath). The only real downside to the deck is that it is slow, though only a huge flying threat early on is fast enough, because it is so hard to deal with. Other flying creatures can get blocked into oblivion and ground creatures get vortexed. By the way, this deck will usually keep filling its graveyard with returning the forsaken drifters just to get to the full three card combo. It still doesn’t deck itself thanks to those two vortex elementals, which I can pull from my graveyard in my upkeep.

    It was better than expected, but you kinda need to build this deck to make him shine.

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