Limited Resources 306 – Pro Tour Testing Insight

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis take you through Luis’s Pro Tour testing with team ChannelFireball. We discuss some of the early archetypes that are standing out, and go deep on a 4 pack Crack-a-Pack as well with the help of Corbin Hosler. 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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5 thoughts on “Limited Resources 306 – Pro Tour Testing Insight

  1. I remember a chat discussion about a deck that used the MTGO clock as the primary win condition: a Soul Sisters variant with no offense. It relied on the pilot’s speed with the interface, and the opponent’s confusion.

  2. Please read out what the rare cards does. It’s such a hassle to pause and Google what a card do to be able to follow along. Most listeners don’t work full-time reading magic cards…

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