Limited Resources 345 – Eldritch Moon Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall invites Owen Turtenwald on the show for the big Eldritch Moon Set Review show! Every common and uncommon is covered so you can get prepared for the prerelease, release, and subsequent events! 

Timestamps for each color:

Blue: 00:06:45
Black: 01:00:03
Red: 01:52:21
Green: 02:45:50
White: 03:33:59
Gold/Colorless/Land: 04:16:42

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Owen Turtenwald

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11 thoughts on “Limited Resources 345 – Eldritch Moon Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

  1. How could you forget clue tokens when thinking of things that give Bloodbriar +1/+1 counters? I feel like that’s almost the whole point of this creature other than emerge! I don’t think he is a D if you can put together the investigate deck.

      • That’s a fair point, I will agree you probably can’t make the investigate deck anymore. But Marshall said if you can even get one counter on him he’s good. And then they said what permanents can you sac? Hmm… Emerge. What else? Hmm… Nothing really. In my head I was thinking INVESTIGATE! I think it’s at least a relevant point that got missed on reviewing bloodbriar. Not saying he’s an A+ or anything.

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  2. Discounting mind games, I think it’s reasonable to assume that Fortune’s Favor is worse than Inspiration, simply because your opponent gets more information to work with than you (they know all 4 cards). The levelling game becomes a coin flip pretty quickly.

    Similarly, I think when you cast this, you should pretty much just take the 2 face up cards if you think they’ll be helpful, rather than trying to second guess your opponent.

    If they had made it 5 cards instead of 4 it might have had a chance to be good 🙁

    • From the other side of the table, if the cards are bad, put the better pile face up. If the cards are good, put the worse pile face up.

    • Actually, it’s not completely the way you put it.
      While the opponent has all the information on the 4 cards, they don’t have all the information about your hand.
      They don’t know for sure what you’re looking for.
      Maybe you have 2 bombs in your deck, and you already have 1 in hand, but you’re looking for a ramp spell to get there.
      If your opponent looks at the 4 cards and sees the other bomb rare there and a ramp spell or land, he’ll probably put that face-down and not the ramp/land.

      • I would be tempted to put 3 mediocre cards face up and one land face down. Risky but it would make a great story if it worked.

  3. Regarding Thirsting Axe there are a number of stories about cursed weapons that force someone to fight until they die, kill indiscriminately, or cannot be sheathed until it has killed. I would love to try Thirsting Axe in a token flyers deck if I could make it work. I like the challenge of difficult cards. 5 flying damage doesn’t take too long to get there. With an equip cost of 2 you can make 1/1 flyers into must kill threats. It is also key to note that the creature that you attacked with doesn’t die if you move the equipment to another creature after combat. The other creature will die and if there are enough cards that want to die or can be sacrificed to some other effect like moving bound by moonsilver or casting angelic purge it could be a fun deck to play.

    Ah, the dream of attaking with a lone rider equiped with Thirsting Axe and then equiping it to Desparate Sentry.

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