Limited Resources 373 – Aether Revolt First Impressions

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis take a first look at the new Limited environment with Aether Revolt added to the mix! Lots of new info as the guys sort through the cards and strategies that have stood out in the early running.

Hypergeometric Calculator:


Info for Magic players:


Population size (cards in library)

Number of successes in population (cards that are your outs)

Sample size (number of cards drawn)

Number of successes in sample (1 in most cases)

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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One thought on “Limited Resources 373 – Aether Revolt First Impressions

  1. LSV’s sound levels are still off. Occasionally very hard to understand what he’s saying. Seems like there’s a specific frequency range – lower in his voice – that isn’t being picked up well.

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